Multinationals must not sit on Queensland’s resources

Multinationals must not sit on Queensland’s resources

2 May 2024

The Queensland Government cannot be beholden to the whim of international corporations and their ‘profit-at-all-cost agenda’! Katter’s Australian Party Leader and Member for Traeger, Robbie Katter has said.

“How is it that a multinational commodity trading company can have a unique, legislated agreement with the people of Queensland to mine at Mount Isa, then not be compelled to produce?” he asked.

On Wednesday in Queensland’s Parliament, the member for Traeger, Robbie Katter introduced the Mount Isa Mines Limited Agreement (Continuing Mining Activities) Amendment Bill 2024.

“When Glencore announced that they would be shutting down the copper mine in Mount Isa, why was there not uproar from the Government in Brisbane?” Mr Katter demanded.

“The Government have emerged as being impotent and subservient to Glencore’s board – you’d expect this of a destitute island nation, not the once great state of Queensland!

“This Bill puts the future of Queensland copper production back in the hands of Queenslanders, and the Minister, not the multinational conglomerates like Glencore” Mr. Katter said.

“What Glencore are really saying is ‘safety regulations, living wages, and Australian conditions are not for us – we’d rather mine in Africa and South America.’

“Glencore plan on sacking 1,200 people, even though there are other mining companies knocking on my door wanting to have a crack – it defies logic.

“If the Switzerland-based board of Glencore don’t share our vision for developing Queensland; realising the resources of the state, and feeding the high demand for our minerals, then they should be made to vacate and let someone else have a go!

The copper price has recently reached near five-year highs, and the member for Traeger has had confidential discussions with mining companies who would be interested in mining at Mount Isa.  There are currently no mechanisms for them to express their interest in mining Queensland resources.

“This bill ensures that if the miner at Mount Isa wishes to make an operational change that affects the community of Mount Isa or the Queensland economy, a public tender is called by the Minister.” Mr Katter explained.

“The 1,200 miners and their families, the community of Mount Isa, and the people of Queensland deserve better protection from being shafted by multinational commodity companies.

“This bill hands the Minister and the Government back their backbone – I expect their full support!” Mr Katter said.


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